8D0 407 271BC half shaft half axle

1)OEM quality, 2)In China, 2 year 60,000 km warranty., 3) 53 Agents in China Market, 10 Agents in Oversea Market - details see: //www.sourcingautoparts.com/8d0-407-271bc-half-shaft-half-axle-10000022
Place of Origin:Guangdong China (Mainland)Brand Name:KLGModel Number:8D0 407 271BC 8D0 407 272BCType:half shaft drive shaft,Semi-Axle assembly
Car Make:Audi A4 1.8T 2.4 2.8OE NO.:8D0 407 271BCUsage::Automobile car ; passenger carPlace of Origin::China (Mainland)
Quality:OEM quality   
8D0 407 271BC half shaft half axle
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Brand : KLG

8D0 407 271BC half shaft half axle


1 - bell-shaped shell (dual arc track, grinding process) Bell housing

2 - hole circlip (65Mn)

3 - star-set (20CrMnTi material, dual arc orbit ,grinding process)

4 - Ball (GCR15)

5 - cage (20CrMnTi materials, inside and outside spherical after vibration grinding processing)

6,8,10,12 Clamp (OETKER G167)


Hot galvanized plate :275-JY-Z-LY-A (GB2518), EN10214

Stainless steel: Ocr18Ni9 (GB4239), X5CrNi1810 (JIS), ANSI304

Salt spray test

Minimum 144 hours No rust

Minimum 500 hours NO red rust

7 BOOT (TPEE material, use temperature -50 °C ~ +100 °C, tensile strength ~> 32Mpa

9 - Axle rod (surface spray environmentally friendly materials)

11 - BOOT (CR-the poly green butadiene material, the use of temperature -40 ° C to +100 ° C, tensile strength ~> 12Mpa

13 - shaft flattened wire retaining ring (65Mn)

14 - trigeminal (material 20CrMnTi)

15 - shaft circlip (eyes clasp): 65Mn material

16 - cylindrical shell (inner CV Joint coat: cold extrusion)

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