Axles/trailer axles/semi-trailer axles/small agriculture axles

Axles/trailer axles/semi-trailer axles/small agriculture axles, 1. Brake 420*180,420*200,420*220,335*220, 2. Capacity:13T,15T, - details see: //
Place of Origin:Shandong China (Mainland)Brand Name:O.B.TModel Number:Trailer AxleType:Rear Axles
Car Make:Axles/trailer axles/semi-trailer axles/small agriculture axlesOE NO.:Axles/trailer axles/semi-trailer axles/small agriculture axlesPCD (mm):335,285 
Axles/trailer axles/semi-trailer axles/small agriculture axles
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Axles/traileraxles/semi-traileraxles/small agricultureaxles

mance Truck Trailer Axle American semi trailer axle

OBT trailer axle Features:
1). Special heat-treated, low-alloy steel axle beam, offers more stability, greater capacity and lighter weight.
2). Forged camshafts with hardened wear surface for the axle
3). Solid inserted spindle and bearing journals laser heat treated, provide superior fatigue capability.
4). High performance premium non-asbestos brake linings, extend service life.
5). Easy for ABS installation.




Cam BrakeTrack TR


Spring Seat Installation LM(mm)Axle Beam(mm)Center Distance of ChamberStuds(mm)P.C.D(mm)HTotal Length LP(mm)Recom

mended Wheel



OBT-01513,000S420x1801840920-96015041710xM22x1.5 ISO335281~21107.50V-20~362
OBT-01613,000S420x1801840920-9601504178xM22x1.5 ISO285220~21107.50V-20~340
OBT-01713,000S420x1801850920-96015041710xM22x1.5 ISO335281~21807.50V-20~370
OBT-01813,000S420x1801960960-102012735010xM22x1.5 ISO335281~22757.50V-20~380
OBT-02313,000S420x1801840920-96015041710xM22x1.5 ISO335281~21857.50V-20~360
Packaging Detail:58 pcs per 20" feet container|Delivery Detail:Within 35 days after prepayment

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