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Type:Shock AbsorberSpring Type:Air SpringSpring Material:SteelShock Absorber Type:gas and oil mixed
Car Make:MAZDAOE NO.:NEW MAZDA 6 2.3Place of Origin:TaiwanBrand Name:IASATI/TOMEI
Model Number:RS 2   
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Coilovers - Auto Suspension kit for optional cars

RS2 TypeCoilover for NEW MAZDA 6 SERIES

For better controlling, re-equip shock absorber has become a necessary item among car enthusiasts: lower car height, stronger damping design are important points when re-equipping shock absorber, But overly hard suspension will not please all kinds of drivers, especially on a rally-style road condition in Taiwan.

IASATI has revealed a new generation SPORT Hi-Low-Kit gas/oil pressure hardness adjustable shock absorber for Taiwanese road conditions, allows shock absorbers to have a better adjustment flexible.

SPORT is a set of shock absorbers which were specially designed for Taiwan, has applies special shock absorber tube, stronger damping gas/oil structure, to meet the requirement of Taiwanese rough road surface, the height and hardness adjustable design allows the car height to be adjusted freely and set the damping strength according to different driving conditions, multi-choice of hardness position can set the damping to the best condition and gives the best comfortableness and enough shock absorbing, and avoids the unreasonable hardness and excessive bouncing.

SPORT shock absorbers are designed for stableness at high speed, and cones with the delicate fun of sport cars. In the comparison to professional driving performance, SPORT comes with more comfortableness, safety, silence at high speeds, and a new riding feeling.

High strength spring: applying Japanese high quality and strength material: “SAE9254,” the diameter has been minimized, but the dense coil can still keep the appropriate stroke and yield a lightweight and comfortable riding feeling.

Packaging Detail:high quality packaging|Delivery Detail:30 days

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