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The Posture Genie (tm) is an adjustable car seat cushion that corrects the non symmetrical driving position. - details see:
Material:PUType:Seat CushionSize:38x38x3Color:clear
Place of Origin:New South Wales AustraliaBrand Name:Posture Genie  
Posture Genie
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The Posture Genie(™) car seat cushion announces endorsement by the Australian Osteopathic Association.

by Paul Brown

Sydney, Australia - A Sydney based osteopath, Dr David Vivian-Jones, has been working with a company in the UK to design, develop and manufacture a product to correct the asymmetrical position caused by driving a motor vehicle. The concept has been the brainchild of Dr Vivian-Jones for many years after seeing a high incidence of driving related back and joint problems

It is whilst driving a motor vehicle that the constant use of the right leg causes the whole pelvis and spine to contort and twist, placing abnormal pressure on, muscles, ligaments, tendons and discs in the body. The long term effect of this being acute then chronic pain.
Dr Vivian-Jones states that the concept itself has been overlooked by car and seating manufacturers, with early car seats resembling arm chairs in terms of their construction and support. However, this in itself was not a problem back then as most vehicles required the driver to use all four limbs in a fashion similar to driving an earthmover. Nowadays, especially with the prevalence of automatic cars, drivers rarely use their left leg. The consequence of this is a twist in the pelvis and lower back which can lead to referred pain in the driver's hips, knees, upper back, shoulders and neck. Dr Vivian-Jones also notes that drivers tend to feel the pain in existing 'weak spots' in their bodies, for examples old injuries.
About the Posture Genie™
The Posture Genie is a hexagonal shaped cushion that includes a unique curved angle in the design so that all planes of movement - being the x (flexion/extension), y (side bending) and z (rotation) - can be addressed and corrected whilst driving. The Posture Genie is simple to use; the driver places it on the driving seat and turns it clockwise until the drivers knees and hips are aligned and the seated driving position feels comfortable. This universal product fits in all motor cars, and is manufactured from highly durable materials. A comfort cover, for those who enjoy a little more padding, will be available in early June.
About Posture Genie
Posture Genie Ltd is based in the United Kingdom, and is developing a range of products to relieve lower back, neck and shoulder pain to allow individuals to manage and reduce their pain and the need for visits to practitioners. The products will also support individuals between visits as part of professional pain and correction programs.

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