Prestolite Alternator JFZ2922

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Type:Alternator AssemblyCar Make:DCECOE NO.:JFZ2922Place of Origin:Hubei China (Mainland)
Brand Name:DCECModel Number:JFZ2922  
Prestolite Alternator JFZ2922
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Prestolite Alternator JFZ2922

we can provide the Prestolite series,have been working for alternator in 10years,that we are confident to your needs

ApplicationXICHAI 6110

there are some items,please have a cheeck

we will be pleased to supply any further information u require

1JFZ235DAW28V 35AYC 6108ZQB
2JFZ235DA2W28V 35A
3JFZ235DB28V 35AYC 4110ZQ
4JFZ235DC28V 35AYC6108ZQB
5JFZ235DC128V 35A
6JFZ235DD28V 35AYC6108ZQN
7JFZ235DCW28V 35A
8JFZ235DCW228V 35A
9JFB27128V 70AYC4108ZQ
10JFZ273A1-C28V 70AYC4110Q,
11JFZ273B1-C28V 70AYC4110ZQ
12JFZ273B2-C28V 70AYC4110ZQ
13JFZ273D-A228V 70AYC 6112ZLQ
14328V 70AYC6108Q
15JFZ273J-128V 70AYC6108Q
16JFZ273J-228V 70AYC6105QC
17JFZ273W28V 70A
18JFZ2710A2-C28V 70A
19JFZ24128V 45AYC6112ZQ
20JFZ241A228V 45A
21JFZ25328V 55AYC6108ZQN
22JFZ253A28V 55AYC 6112
23JFZ273W128V 70A
24JFZ198LC14V 120A
25JFZ291A228V 100A
26JFZ291B228V 90A
27JFZ2101A228V 100A
28JFZ2101B228V 100A
29JFZ2101C128V 100A
308LHA3096UC 0328V 110AYC6112ZLQ
318LHA3096UC 0828V 110A
328LHA3096UC 1128V 110AYC6108ZQ
338LHA3096UC 1228V 110AYC4112ZLQ
348LHA3096UC 1628V 110A
358LHA3096UC 1728V 110A
368LHA3096UC E2928V 110A
378LHA3096UC B228V 110A
3819528V 150A
398SC3110VC 1028V 150A2100
408SC3238VC F1128V 150A
418SC3110VC 1628V 150AYC6112ZLQ
428SC3238VC F0628V 150A
438SC3238VC 0728V 150A
44AC172R 201A28V 120AYC4110ZQ
458SC3017VA 0128V 150A
468SC3017VA 0228V 150A
47JFZ2101D328V 100A
488SC3141VC D128V 140A
498SC3238VC F3328V 150A
508LHA3096UC 11A28V 110A6108ZLQB
51JFZ2710C-C28V 70AYC6108
52JFZ290A228V 90AYC6112ZLQ
538LHA3045UC E2928V 110A
54JFB251828V 55AYC4F100-20
55JFB272M28V 70AYC4F100-20
568LHA3096UC E6328V 110AYC6A260-20
578SC3238VC B1128V 150AYC6108
58JFZ273Y228V 70A
598SC3239VC A0628V 150AYC6108ZQB
60AVi144 2A2228V 100A
61AVi144 1C1114V 120AYC4F115-30
628SC3239VC H1128V 150A
63AVi144 2A1228V 100AYC4F115-30
64JFZ2711B228V 70AYC6J190-20
658SC3151VC A4928V 150AYC6M390-30

Packaging Detail:original packing,such as the DCEC packing|Delivery Detail:with in 15days

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