shatter resistant window film

1.Material:PET, 2.Block 80~99% UV Rays, 3.Solar Energy Rejected (IRT): 5%-95%, 4.Tickness:1.5mil to 8mil, 5.Protective film - details see:
Place of Origin:Guangdong China (Mainland)Brand Name:doopModel Number:D-6638Color:Black/Red/Green/Blue/Grey/Transparent etc
Material:PETAnti-scratch:No/YesGuarantee:3/5/8 years or moreFeature:Self-adhesive
shatter resistant window film
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1) Thickness: 1.5mil to 8mil (1mil=1/1000inch=0.00254cm=0.0254mm)

2) Width: 50/75/152 centimetres

3) Length: 30 to 2000m
4) Common Color: Black/Transparent/Grey/Red/Green/Blue etc.

5) Backing: polyethylene film
6) Service:OEM/ODM

7) Material:PET

8) VLT(Visible Light Transmitted): 5% 15% 20% 35% 50% 70% 85%

9) UVR(Ultraviolet Rejected): 96%(±3%);

10) IRT(Solar Energy Rejected):5% to 75%


1. High heat rate

In the hot summer, it can be separated by infrared, ultraviolet

damage to the body, and save Air-conditioningenergy. Meantime,it can block up above 79% heat may enter the house

through the window.

2. To prevent fading

It will enable the car to reduce the fading of goods and decorating.Greatly reduced the fading of goods and decorating

in the car.

3.Preserve the privacy
After the film can be effectively protect the privacy,improve the

car's comfort, and make it more attractive.It can also keep your

living space free.

4.Winter to keep warm

In winter it can be 20 to 30% of heat reflection back to the house to make the house more warm and comfortable.

5.To protect furniture

Window Film can be separated out 99% of aging caused by ultraviolet furniture to protect the furniture, flooring and curtain.

6. Safety explosion-proof

It can effectively prevent the flying glass fragments, ensure belongings and personal safety.

7. Anti-dazzle

It can reduce the solar heat increase, effective in reducing glare, especially in the glare mirror

How to identify high-quality film:

1.Definition: Regardless of the color depth of film, the clarity of

high-quality film at night should be more than 6m, while the inferior film will be hazy feeling bad.

2.Touch: Good membrane have thick smooth feeling, and

inferior membrane feel is thin and crispy,easy to wrinkle.

3.color: The good membrane is not easily discoloration. But the poor film's color is in the glue, after torn the film lining, scrape

with the fingernail, the color has fade.

4.The bubble: When the car ripped the plastic lining membrane, the poor quality film will be bubbly. And the high-quality film remain intact. Windscreen heat proof transparent film, evolution from transparent bullet-proof

membrane, and it is more than 70% light transmission.

5.Insulation: You can put the glass with the film over an iodine-tungsten lamp, no hot feeling when touch means this film is high-quality, but if you feel hot once you touch the glass, it’s a poor film.

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Packaging Detail:Carton 1). 0.5 X 6m /roll (one roll pack in a box and 50 boxes in a carton) 2). 1.52 X 30m /roll (one roll in a carton) 3). width :as you requried , length:as you requried|Delivery Detail:depend on the quality

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