STC Three-phase AC. synchronous alternator

STC-3,STC-5,STC-7.5,STC-10,STC-12,STC-15,STC-20,STC-30,STC-40,STC-50 ,STC Series Three Phase A.C. Synchronous Generator - details see: //
Motor:BrusslessBrand Name:BOS-WELLRated power:3-50 kwRated frequence:50/60
Place of Origin:Fujian, ChinaModel Number:STC-5Rated voltage:400/230 
STC Three-phase AC. synchronous alternator
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STC Series three-phase a.c. synchronous alternators are mainly designed to serve as power generating unit for lighting purpose in villages , towns, and house-hold electric appliances or standby power.The construction of the alternators are salient-pole rotating field , self excitation with third-harmanic . The alternators interior is made of high quality magnetic and electrical materials, and easy to maintenance. The characteristic of alternators see as the followings:
1. The alternators are designed as per standard JB/T3320.2-2000. And in conformity to IEC34-1.
2. Insulation is class B or F, drip-proof type is IP21,
3. Tight in construction for casting frame; If our customers ask for steel constuction,we can meet .
4. The alternators are three-phases with output four terminals, connectiong for the star connection, 400V rated L-L voltage, 230V rated L-N voltage, 50Hz, 0.8P.F..If our customers ask for 60Hz or diferenent voltage, we can meet .
5. Generally the alternators are two-bearing comstuction, also can produce for single-bearing constuction; They can be coupled with engine s by leather belt, and can ratote in two different direction.
6. The steady voltage regulation of generators are good in 3% speed variation, load from no-load to full-load and power factor from 0.8 to 1.0.
7. The voltage regulation of alternators are excellent, and the capability for directly-starting motor also is fine.

The requirements for environment:
1. Altitude: not exceed 1000m.
2. Cooling air temperature: 258~313K (-15oC~40oC).
3. Relative air humidity: not exceed 90%.

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Packaging Detail:wooden case or plywood case|Delivery Detail:according to order quantity

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