TFW Brushless synchronous alternators

performance achieves advanced international level - details see: //
Place of Origin:CN,Fujian, ChinaBrand Name:FILO,BOS-WELLModel Number:TFW-100Rated voltage:400/230
Motor:BrushedRated power:100kwRated frequence:50/60 
TFW Brushless synchronous alternators
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TFW series three-phase brushless excitation synchronous alternators by introducing and developing on foreign advanced technology of well-known alternators, are our newly developed products, The generator set by coupling the alternators with engine are mainly designed to serve as power generating unit in national defence , post and telecommunications, hospital, hotel, market and factory as electric appliances or standby power. The alternators are made as per standard JB/T3320.2-2000 and in conformity to IEC34-1. Being tested by national authority department, the alternators performance achieves advanced international level .The characteristic of alternators see as the followings:
1. Blushless, self-excited, insulation class H with high temperature 180, so can reliablly run in bad conditions .
2. Steel welding frame, casting end bracket, the alternators have two constrution of two-bearing and single-bearing;
3. Stator windings pitch is 2/3, the output voltage wave is excellent;
4. Fine dynamic characteristics when load or unload suddenly;
5. Generally the generators are two-bearing construction, also can produce for single-bearing construction;
6. TIF<50, THF<2%, the generators with high quality of AVR have excellent properties;
7. 12 leads are suit for different connections, generally the output voltages have: 400V/200V---50Hz and 480V/240V---60Hz;
8. The units can run at 50Hz and 60Hz;
9. The units can run at single phase by changing the output connections, but the power at single phase only is about 60% of three-phases power;
10. Standard drip-proof type is IP21, if our customer requires that IP22 or IP23 are also produced; But the power will be reduced for 5% at IP23;

The requirements for environment:
1. Altitude: not exceed 1000m.
2. Cooling air temperature: 258~313K(-15 ~40 ).
3. Relative air humidity: not exceed 90%.

ModelRated PowerRated Volt. (V )Rated Curr. (A)Rated P.F.Rated Speed (r/min)Steady Volt.
(KW/KVA)(Cos Φ )Regulation ( )
TFW-1010/12.540018.10.81500± 1
TFW-1212/1540021.60.81500± 1
TFW-1616/2040028.80.81500± 1
TFW-2020/2540036.10.81500± 1
TFW-2424/3040043.20.81500± 1
TFW-3030/37.540054.10.81500± 1
TFW-4040/5040072.20.81500± 1
TFW-5050/62.540090.20.81500± 1
TFW-6464/80400115.60.81500± 1
TFW-7575/93.75400135.50.81500± 1
TFW-9090/112.5400162.60.81500± 1
TFW-100100/125400180.40.81500± 1
TFW-120120/150400216.80.81500± 1
TFW-150150/187.54002710.81500± 1
TFW-160160/200400288.60.81500± 1
TFW-180180/225400324.70.81500± 1
TFW-200200/250400360.80.81500± 1
TFW-220220/275400396.80.81500± 1
TFW-250250/312.54004510.81500± 1
TFW-280280/3504005050.81500± 1
TFW-300300/3754005410.81500± 1
TFW-320320/4004005770.81500± 1
TFW-350350/437.5400631.50.81500± 1
TFW-400400/500400721.70.81500± 1
TFW-450450/562.54008130.81500± 1
TFW-500500/6254009020.81500± 1
TFW-600600/75040010840.81500± 1
TFW-720720/80040013000.81500± 1
TFW-800800/100040014450.81500± 1

Update Date:2010-12-29 19:17:59

Packaging Detail:wooden case or plywood case|Delivery Detail:according to order quantity

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