Turbo Fan

1.Excellent performance, 2.CE certification, 3.Environmental protection and energy conservation, 4.Low noise, 5.Small size - details see: //www.sourcingautoparts.com/turbo-fan-10081554
Place of Origin:Shandong China (Mainland)Brand Name:ShuangyiModel Number:WG series turbo fanNumber of the machine:3.6~6.8
Arrange the draught foot-path (mm):360~680High (m):300~640The blade counting:24~38The blade arranges the area (㎡/slice ):0.0056~0.0112
Average wind speed (m/s):3.4(equivalent to the tertiary wind speed)Amount of wind arranged (m³/min):23~65Weight (kg):4.2~12.5Material:Stainless Steel, Aluminium Alloy, Color Stencil plate , FRP
Color:True quality   
Turbo Fan
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WG series Turbo Fan

  • It is low to operate the fee

    Selecting the large energy-efficient diameter air blower for use, the wind amount is heavy , the power is small, energy consumption is low, operate the expenses sparingly for users effectively; Can select many speed electrical machineries for use according to user‘s enquiry , can be according to the amount of wind adjusted of change of the environment temperature, reduce and operate the expenses further.
    Low noise of environmental protection

    Low rotational speed air blower , high to lure swimming skill eliminate noise cushion,streamline shape charge water device effective cooling tower impact on environment , DFN of control ,.
  • Attractive and durable

    The shape of the tower is beautiful , merge with the building perfectly; Top layer is it import colored glue clothing to adopt, include ultraviolet absorbent inside, bright and clean such as the mirror, resist and wear out , it is difficult to fade. Customers can choose the body color of the tower according to user’s enquiry. The tower body is light and handy
    Adopt FRP composite in a large amount, fever for Israel soak zinc light-duty steel as skeleton, pass Solid Edge CAD optimization design.

Number of the machineArrange the draught foot-path(mm)HIgh(m)The blade countingThe blade arranges the area of wind(m2/slice )Average wind speed throughout the year of vent(m/s)Amount of wind arranged(m3/min)Weight(kg)MaterialColor

3.4(equivalent to the tertiary wind speed)


Stainless Steel, Aluminium Alloy, Color Stencil plate , FRP

True quality
5500390300.0083428.5True quality
6.0600530340.09955610.8True quality
6.8680640380.01126512.5True quality

  • Note:Generally speaking, the average wind speed is 3.4m/s (force 3 wind ) throughout the year, the internal and external difference in temperature of the room is 5 degrees Centigrade; If outdoor difference in temperature>, 5 can proper to increase the quantity of installing.

  • Certification

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