voltage regulator,foom145307, for mercedes benz truck/mercedes alternator pare parts

mercedes benz spare parts Voltage Regulator, ignition module, alternator recfifier, Pass ISO TS/16949 - details see: //www.sourcingautoparts.com/voltage-regulator-foom145307-for-mercedes-benz-truck-mercedes-alternator-pare-parts-10195936
Type:Alternator PartsSize:55MMCar Make:MERCEDES BENZ TRUCK ,VOLVO,SCANIA ,MANOE NO.:F00M144123,F00M144122,F00M144106,F00M145294,F00M145256,F00M145298,F00M
Place of Origin:Zhejiang China (Mainland)Brand Name:LONGMAModel Number:IB298voltage regulator:alternator voltage regulator
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IB298 voltage regulator:alternator BOSCH voltage regulator   
voltage regulator,foom145307, for mercedes benz truck/mercedes alternator pare parts
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IB298 BOSCH alternator voltage regulator

Original Number FOR this voltage regulator


F00M145256, F00M145267, F00M145298,F00M145 299, F00M145302,F00M145307,F00M144123,F00M144122,F00M144106,F00M145294,F00M145300


0001542405, 0001542605, 0001542705,0031542606, 0031544206;









D 2866 LF32 D 2876 LF 07

D 2866 LF36 D 2866 LF37


DC 9.12 DC 11.09

DT 12.06 DC 12.13



OM 541.942 OM 542.921


OM 904.964


OM 904.964

0124555013 0124655026

0124555014 0124655047

0124555034 0124655009

0124655011 0124655025

Features of thisvoltage regulator


*Voltage Set Point:28.3V *Slipring OD:14mm *Regulation:B-Circuit

*Soft Start

*0.5 Second LRC

*Short Circuit Protected

*Loss of Sense Lamp On

Terminal Identification:


TS16949 ISO2000 CCC

thisvoltage regulatorUsed On:

SCANIA,Mercedes Trucks MAN VOLVO

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How to Wire an Alternator Voltage Regulator ?

A voltage regulator is an important component of your car's charging system. As the name indicates, it regulates the amount of voltage produced from the alternator to ensure a consistent voltage to the battery and electrical equipment in your car. The voltage from your alternator increases and decreases according to the speed the alternator rotates; too much voltage and your fuses blow, if you don't have a regulator. Most new alternators have internal voltage regulators, meaning wiring is not necessary, but if you have an external regulator then you need to hook it up to the alternator and ignition system


1,Open the hood of your car. Ensure the engine is cool before wiring the alternator voltage regulator.

2Remove the black battery cable from the car's battery terminal using a wrench. Remove the red battery cable using the same method.

3Locate the voltage regulator. It's usually positioned above, or on the side of the alternator. It has a single rectangular plastic socket on the back which a plug containing four wires goes into.

4Find the multi-wired harness nearby the alternator and voltage regulator. On the end of the harness is a plastic rectangular plug that has four colored wires attached. The brown wire goes to the ignition, the blue is the field wire and goes to the alternator, the red wire is the positive battery sensor and the white wire goes to alternator stator.

5Insert the plug into the socket on the voltage regulator. It can only be inserted one way so you can't get it wrong.

6Reconnect the red battery cable to the positive battery terminal labeled "Pos." Reconnect the black battery cable to the negative battery terminal labeled "Neg." Close the hood of your car.

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